Mini Rings of Change

There is no denying that having a good living room shelf can guarantee that the organization in the room is done in a simpler and more practical way. But whoever has a bookshelf for a very large room knows that sometimes the feat can be exactly the opposite, and what should make the space more balanced can end up leaving the environment heavy. In order for the composition to be harmonious, we have separated some precious tips that will make a difference when making the shelf in your living room more beautiful, becoming a focal point of decoration in your environment and also the pattern of a beautiful Mini Rings of Change.

The books in the same collection must be together, and as they will be similar, the look of the set will be more pleasant and beautiful by combianr. Another possible separation to be made is that of themes, novels in one place, technical in another, for example. This division can make it a lot easier to find the copy you are looking for.

Decoration pieces should also have a reserved place on your shelf, the best organization compositions combine objects from collections or ornaments with books, boxes and other elements that you want to add and store in this piece of furniture to help.

Free Pattern Available: Mini Rings of Change

Take advantage of all the gaps, vases and boxes that can be used to prop a series of books, which we know that many have in their homes today. You can also place small objects on top of a stack of books that lie flat. In this case, make sure that the stack is organized in order of increasing size.

Explore niches without a door to display interesting and beautiful objects such as figures or collections, use closed shelves to hide documents and other elements that cannot be discarded, but that are not worth displaying in order not to spoil the decor.

One of the niches or shelves in your bookshelf can also be used as a small bar, holding bottles, bowls and other accessories from baristas. Distribute your objects following these tips, but before you finish the task, take a few steps back and look at your bookcase as a whole, the overview will show you if one shelf looks much heavier than another and you can improve from that.

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