Little Helper Blanket

Imagine, as if by magic, a decoration of your home was completely renovated? And the best: at almost zero cost. It would be fabulous, wouldn’t it? And do you know what’s most incredible about this story? This is entirely possible in the real world and can be done with a material well known to all of us: paper contact. Remember him? Old acquaintance from school days. But here in this post, you will see that the role of paper comes in contact far beyond notebooks and you will also learn how to make a beautiful Little Helper Blanket.

This adhesive film that can be easily found in different cores and models can be a magic solution to change your home decor in a quick, simple, cheap and super creative way in a super easy and practical way. This is because contact paper has an incredible ability to adhere very well to surfaces such as walls and furniture, giving these locations a renewed appearance in a matter of minutes.

To apply the paper, the contact is not very secret, it just requires patience to avoid the formation of bubbles and wrinkles that will ruin your project. Want to learn how to do? Then, check the step by step below:

Free Pattern Available: Little Helper Blanket

How to apply the paper to contact the decoration
Clean the area that will receive the paper contact thoroughly; Take the local measurements that will receive the contact paper and start the cutouts so that you have the necessary quantity; if paper is applied to an entire wall, leave 10 pieces left on each side for finishing; Spray a mixture of three parts water with ½ part neutral detergent on the spot; one idea is to actually wet the surface to facilitate the application of the paper and prevent the formation of bubbles;

Start gluing the paper in place, so that it will retire to the few protective films and with the help of a spatula or ruler, if the surface retires like bubbles; Finish with a stylus and ruler; Wait for the drying time and the place can be used normally without any problem or concern; Simple to apply paper contact, isn’t it the same? This walkthrough can be applied to any project that uses the adhesive. Just let your creativity flow and create a more original proposal than the other.

With the contact paper it is possible to make colorful and fun stools decorated with contact paper of different prints, tired of the face of your door? Put contact paper on it, the kitchen cupboard can get a new life with printed contact paper, decorating with contact paper: and who knew that a simple contact paper could cause that effect in the wardrobe Decorating with contact paper: a touch of color inside the niches with contact paper.

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