Do you like wood and want to use the material everywhere in your house? Then you need to know the wooden countertops. They are more common in Europe and the United States, but for some time now they have been gaining space in Brazilian projects. Learn more about the wooden bench: Wood is one of the most used materials by humanity for millennia. It is resistant, timeless, versatile and brings us closer to nature. Another characteristic of this material is the touch of comfort, warmth and rusticity that it gives to the environments. In this post you will see more about it and learn how to make an amazing Lego Block Pattern.

And best of all, it can be incorporated into any decoration proposal, from the most classic, through the rustic ones to the most modern and contemporary models. This all depends on the type of wood and the finish given to it. For kitchen and bathroom countertops the most recommended is to use solid eucalyptus or teak wood that are more resistant and will not spoil or wear out easily.

For dry counters or countertops it is also possible to use MDF or Formica, increasing the possibilities of colors and textures that can be used. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of wooden countertops below:

Free Pattern Available: Lego Block Pattern

Advantages of wooden countertops
One of the main advantages of using wood for countertops is the price. The material tends to be much more affordable than marble, granite and industrialized stones, such as Silestone or Nanoglass; Wood makes the environments more welcoming and cozy; Wood is very versatile and can be used in any room of the house, style or decoration proposal, it fits very well to everything; Solid, resistant and robust material;

Disadvantages of wooden countertops
If it is not treated and waterproofed correctly, the wood can suffer wear, since the material is sensitive to water, heat and humidity, so it is important to take proper care; The texture of wood can accumulate fungi and bacteria if not properly cleaned; In places where it is not very usual, such as in Brazil, few carpenters are able to execute a wooden kitchen or bathroom countertop, in which case, you may need to carry out the project yourself; Wood is the preferred material for insects such as termites and borers, to keep them away it is important to treat the wood with suitable pesticides.

Necessary care to keep the wooden bench always beautiful and functional: Unlike natural and industrialized stones that do not require much care, wood, in turn, is more demanding and needs some special attention. Take note: Sharp and sharp objects can cause irreversible damage to the bench, so extra care is advisable when using these objects close to or on wood; Perform frequent maintenance or whenever the wood shows signs of peeling. Care includes sanding and applying marine varnish; On kitchen worktops, attention should be paid to hot pots. Do not place them directly on the bench to avoid damaging the wood, as this is not what we want to happen; Use neutral and mild products to clean your wooden countertop;

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