Lisbon Tile Block

If the word organization gives you chills, then you need to follow this post to the end. In it, you will discover a simple element, but that can work miracles for the organization of your home, in addition to learning how to make a beautiful Lisbon Tile Block.

Do you know which element is this? It goes by the name of organizing box. You have probably heard of it.

These boxes are great for keeping everything in place in a practical and quick way, not to mention that they still give a special touch to the decoration of the environments, since most of them are designed to be exposed.

The most common organizing boxes are made of plastic or cardboard, but there are still wooden and acrylic models, for example.

The sizes, colors, textures and prints also vary a lot, allowing practically any type of decoration to take advantage of this functional item. It is perfect, helps you organize and even matches your decor.

When thinking about the best type of organizer box for your home or office, it is important to keep in mind what objects you will store in it. Larger and heavier objects should be in more resistant boxes, such as plastic or wooden ones.

If the idea is just to organize papers or photos, for example, the cardboard ones are enough to help you.

The organizing boxes can be placed on shelves, niches, on top of cabinets or even on the floor. The most important thing is that you keep the visual harmony between them or else all your efforts in the organization of the house can go down the drain.

It is also worth mentioning that the organizing boxes are not limited to closets and offices. You can use them in the kitchen to organize the pantry, in the bathroom to accommodate beauty and hygiene items or in the room for organizing CDs, DVDs, books and magazines, there are many options.

In the bedroom, the boxes are great for organizing documents and personal items.

Oh, and we can not fail to mention all the contribution of boxes in the organization of children’s toys. But in any case, if you need to see to believe in the transforming power of organizing boxes, you can take a look at some box models and organization models that can be used by searching the internet.

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