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How to choose the living room rug? This doubt persecutes many people and it is not for less, since the rug is one of the main elements of the decoration. It is with it that we bring comfort, welcome, beauty and functionality to the environment. And to help answer the question above, we’ve taken a look at what you need to know before you buy the living room rug, and you’ll also learn how to make a beautiful In From The Cold Quilt. Check out everything below: Knowing the exact size of your room is the first step to getting the carpet right, so take all measurements. The recommendation is that the rug is always proportional to the size of the living room, with a surplus of twenty to thirty centimeters on the sides.

Another recommendation is that the rug is placed up to the middle of the sofa, ensuring that it is securely attached to the furniture and does not easily escape from the place where it was placed. In short, the bigger the room, the bigger the carpet. Currently, the easiest sizes to find from carpet to room are 200 × 250, 200 × 300 and 200 × 150. To avoid mistakes, the tip is to choose rectangular or square rugs, depending on the shape of your room.

Round rugs can also be used, but they require a little more attention and care than other rugs to avoid damaging the decor. Round rugs have a more contemporary look and are especially suitable for large environments.

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However, you can choose to use a smaller round rug if you want to highlight some furniture or special object in the room, they are great for this purpose. You can think of the color of the living room rug from two possibilities: the first is when the intention is to make the rug the focal point of the environment and the second is when the rug is just a complement to the decor. In the first case, vibrant colors can be used without fear for choice, but the decor base should preferably be neutral. In the second option, the best alternative is to use a light and neutral colored rug, such as gray, beige and brown, white can also be used, but remember that the color reveals dirt more easily, so the rug should be cleaned frequently.

The color of the carpet also implies the perception of space amplitude. This means that light colored rugs visually increase the ambience, while dark colors tend to decrease. The prints of the living room rug follow the same recommendation of the colors we mentioned. For modern and casual proposals, geometric prints are great options, especially when they come with cheerful colors, they give an incredible look to the environment. For those who want a patterned rug in a classic and elegant decor, the tip is to bet on a Persian style rug, for example.

Scandinavian and industrial decorations, very popular at the moment, combine especially with rugs of neutral colors and geometric prints in black and white, such as stripes and rhombuses, including the Moroccan Berber rug is one of the most used options for this proposal. The material of the living room rug also says a lot about the style of the decoration. The terry-cloth rugs are extremely cozy and comfortable, while the sisal rugs, for example, refer to a more rustic decor. Another classic is the crochet carpets for living room, they guarantee a warm and vintage touch to the environment.

There is also the possibility to choose natural or synthetic fiber rugs. In the first case, wool, leather, cotton and sisal rugs come in. Here are three caveats, the first is that natural fiber rugs tend to be more expensive, according to which maintenance must be more careful to ensure the durability of the material and, finally, natural rugs, especially woolen ones, are usually used. a problem for allergy sufferers, so take extra care in this regard, we suggest doing some research before buying. Synthetic rugs, such as polypropylene and nylon, are the most commercialized nowadays, have a lower price and are easy to care for.

A very common question is also how to combine carpets from integrated environments, such as the living room and the dining room, for example. Carpets need not – and should not – be the same. The recommendation in these cases is to use rugs that have a certain affinity, whether in texture, material, format or color pattern and prints, that is, you must have something in common between them, this will leave the environment with an incredible touch.

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