Frida’s Flowers Blanket

The decoration of a simple room can be modern and functional. Although the task does not seem so complicated, the big challenge is to combine practicality in a balanced composition of elements, with a light look, taking advantage of each space. Most of the time, when it comes to a simple room, we soon think of a smaller space. However, the simple decoration style can be applied in any room, regardless of size. In this post you will see more about it and learn the pattern of a delicate Frida’s Flowers Blanket.

As you will see below, the main tip for decorating a simple bedroom is to enhance the space with lighter shades of color, allowing the entry of natural light or artificial resources to have a well lit, organized and beautiful room. The use of mirrors in sliding doors of cabinets and walls is another feature to enhance the sensation of amplitude, so much needed in this corner.

Combining cost-effective decorative objects with colors at strategic points in coatings and furniture, is what makes a simple room to have the face of modernity with harmony, which gives a unique touch to the environment.

Free Available Pattern: Frida’s Flowers Blanket

Identity and personality can be identified in bedding, lamps of various types, chandeliers, bedside tables, decorative frames with different styles, headboards and other objects and furniture used in the decoration of rooms, because they were chosen according to the taste of the person. Simple bedroom décor is ideal when resources are reduced to apply to decor and even rented properties, where a resident’s presence may be temporary.

Try to use small details that make a difference in a simple room. Add style and personality with small decorative items: In this neutral room, the handcrafted lamp has its charm, as does the leather armchair chosen for the unoccupied corner in the double room. Small details are enough to change the decor! Using pastel shades at high is also a great idea. You can let your imagination fly and make your own decor too.

In this proposal, the pillows can receive covers with pastel shades, just as the wall can gain personality with decorative paintings with simple illustrations. Use a pendant lamp, they look amazing! Bet on a headboard. To decorate a simple room, a wooden headboard is enough to create the perfect contrast between white paint and the material commonly used on the half wall. Don’t forget to take the time to choose the right choice when combining bedding.

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