Christmas Morning Striped Throw

The planned double bedroom is an environment that should provide romanticism and comfort. This is why the decoration helps to bring these characteristics while maintaining the personality of the owners of the environment. Remember that each detail demonstrates the couple’s taste and you can also tell a bit of their story through decorative objects or photo murals. To create an elegant decoration, you need to harmonize all the elements and accessories of the environment. In this post we’ll talk more about it and teach you the pattern of a beautiful Christmas Morning Striped Throw.

Most couples seek to use neutral colors in the decoration as they end up pleasing both styles of both. For those who want more color, the ideal is to use at some point of prominence, can be a wall, for example, a rug, the headboard or other objects. With the planned furniture you can customize the room according to your area.

Besides offering a fast design, the furniture adapts to your needs without much detail in the woodwork and is very beautiful in the environment. After choosing the bed model, have drawers or niches under the bed. This is ideal for storing books, bedding, bags, coats and etc.

Free Available Pattern: Christmas Morning Striped Throw

The wardrobe is another important item, although it occupies a large space, it can be used in a functional way: with drawers, internal partitions or whole and mirrored doors. Try to invest in a beautiful composition of bedside table and headboard in your decoration. The nightstand may be small, but it is important to have drawers or shelves. Another option is to opt for a small desk in place of the nightstand.

To begin decorating, plan the closet according to the couple’s needs, each item that makes up the decoration of a planned bedroom makes a difference wherever it is used. This design focuses on neutral shades of floor and wall colors, the bed is supported by a wide fabric headboard with small desk and nightstand. Mirrors are present in the interior design and reinforce the feeling of spaciousness.

You can also use sliding doors without any apparent details as they contribute in a small space. A clever feature in decorating a restricted area room is the use of sliding doors in the cupboards, with few apparent details. Besides being practical to use, its opening does not occupy the circulation space. Another popular solution is to use mirrored doors for more room width.

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