Bears Rainbow Blanket

Want to feel within a passionate setting, made to sigh? Then decorate your home in Provencal style. The Provencal décor makes reference to the bucolic and charming Provence, a region in southeastern France known for its vast and fragrant lavender fields. The decoration carries all the romanticism and simplicity of the country life of the place. But beyond that, the Provencal décor is a mix of textures and harmonized colors to create a soft, delicate and almost always very romantic atmosphere. In this post we will talk more about it and teach you the pattern of a beautiful Bears Rainbow Blanket.

This decoration includes the use of neutral colors and pastel colors, rustic and worn furniture, floral prints and other elements that lead us to a more rustic style, sometimes to a more sophisticated style in the environment. And it all has a why. The history of Provencal decoration dates back to the 16th century, when French peasants came to desire a decoration similar to that of nobles and kings.

Only they had no resources for that. So the way was to improvise when it came to doing such a thing. The artisans began to reproduce the style of furniture, but they did so with low quality and completely uneven wood.

Free Available Pattern: Bears Rainbow Blanket

As a result, the furniture had many imperfections and, in an attempt to improve the appearance of the furniture, they invented a coating technique known as gessocré that served to cover the holes and other imperfections of wood to make it look a little better. But the coating was not very sturdy and worn over time, creating a rustic effect on the furniture. Interestingly and unimaginably, they had just created the patina.

A technique that became known worldwide and was used as one of the main references to the Provencal style. Because of this (at the time) unsuccessful attempt to imitate royal decor, French peasants have innovated by creating a unique style that is highly prized today for being very efficient. The romantic and bucolic style of the Provencal decoration makes many believe that this decoration is typically feminine.

But they are wrong. Provencal decor does have more feminine features, such as the use of flowers and shades of pink, but it need not be limited to that. On the contrary. The Provencal style can be given a more neutral touch and even be incorporated into a modern decor, so it is a much used style. By the way, this is exactly what has been happening in today’s Provencal decor: joining the rustic and old with the new and sophisticated.

If you want to decorate the whole house in a Provencal style, it is important to be careful of the exaggerations, as this type of decoration is more loaded, so think carefully about what you will use. Also be aware that the rooms talk to each other in the decoration, so that the environments are integrated and with the same proposal.

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