Persian Tile Blanket

Decorating a small house or apartment is a task that requires care, but there is also an advantage: the lower cost compared to a large space, which requires more furniture and decorative objects. Today we will talk about the decoration of small houses: With the lack of space the ideas should be very clear at the beginning of the project. Prioritizing all the functions of a home harmoniously, so that comfort is present in all environments. In today’s post we will see more about it and teach you the pattern of an amazing and beautiful Persian Tile Blanket.

In small decorated houses, the ideal is that the environments are in your field of vision: the kitchen, the living room, and even the bedroom, which can rely on some devices to ensure privacy, after all the room is a place of intimacy and privacy. for us, because that’s where we rest and spend most of our time. The difficulty of decorating small houses should be solved with little decoration tricks, such as integration, which is a feature that cannot be lacking in space.

It must be worked with furniture and elements that allow this division in the environment. This allows you to save wall space with more open environments with drywall, furniture, a wood partition or a curtain.

Free Available Pattern: Persian Tile Blanket

Another fundamental point is to keep the house always clean and well organized! It’s no use having a beautiful project if you don’t keep the house tidy up properly. Functionality in the environment is due to the organization and discipline of residents to maintain project functions, such as in an apartment where furniture is flexible and built-in.

The ideal is to keep all the objects that occupy the circulation space in place, without adding many items to the decoration, adapting the corner according to the routine and lifestyle of the locals. The complete planning of furniture in a small environment can have a surprising result, whether for a boy, a girl or a couple.

For example, in a loft style home, enjoy the air spaces. Airspace is a great place to enjoy when your home is small, providing shelter for underused items such as comforters, temporal clothing, childhood items, luggage, old magazines, and so on. Often, this place is forgotten in the house, since the traditional is to leave our things always in hand, because we are afraid to forget about them. But remember to note the best place to insert these tall cabinets, they also need easy access.

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