Economy Block Crib Quilt

The decoration of the small TV room needs planning, this measure will ensure better use of space and harmony between furniture and decoration. The choice of planned furniture allows a sophisticated variation of decoration. Decorate your small TV room with the tips from Craft Ideas and add simplicity and elegance to the space and also learn from the tutorial of a beautiful Economy Block Crib Quilt. Choose to use decorative elements and furniture that adapt to the space and conceptualize the desired style of decoration.

The choice of colors is also essential to ensure harmony of your small TV room, so pay attention to this. Avoid using too many decorative objects and don’t abuse the colors. The mirror is an excellent ally of decoration, as it increases the feeling of space, helps in the lighting of the environment and prints sophistication. In the project below, orthogonal furniture with a modern design and neutral tones were used.

Lighting is essential to create a beautiful and welcoming environment, note the led lights that were installed on the shelves. In order not to abuse the colors, red was used in the secondary elements, so that the decoration became more cheerful.

Free Pattern Available: Economy Block Crib Quilt

The inverted molding with indirect lighting provides a clean environment, which matches perfectly with the minimalist decor which helps a lot. The project follows the concept of sustainability with the installation of a glass door.

The use of elements with woody tones ensures harmony with the decoration, especially when we associate neutral colors with the environment. The colors used in one of the projects we saw complement each other in perfect harmony.

A small TV room received a mirror the same width as the sofa, installed behind the furniture that gave an incredible touch to the environment; functional feature that duplicates the environment. The insertion of decorative objects with strong colors, breaks the sobriety in the decoration of the small TV room.

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