The coffee table plays an important role within the living room. In addition to the decorative part it has the function of being a support. The first tip on how to decorate the coffee table would be to choose the table itself. The first thing to note is the question of proportion. Alias ​​the proportion of the furniture is something fundamental in any interior decoration project. You must be able to move around the spaces without hitting the furniture. Very large furniture leaves the room with a feeling of tightness. In this post we will see more about it and you can learn how to make a beautiful Dilly Dahlia Giant Block Quilt.

In very large spaces, for example, you can use 2 coffee tables, it is very elegant and gives an incredible modern touch to the environment. One thing that is very interesting is to merge two tables with different heights. As for materials, there are several options: glass, wood, acrylic, mirror, resin, marble and some have more than one material.

The question goes a lot with the style of the project. The shapes are also varied, they can be round, square and rectangular which gives you an immense choice. Height is something to watch out for.

Free Pattern Available: Dilly Dahlia Giant Block Quilt

Now speaking specifically of decoration. The coffee table with nothing is very empty, which gives that feeling of incompleteness in the environment. One of the elements that I use a lot is books. I think that when it comes to the resident, it even gives the project an identity. I like the bigger ones, usually photos.

Vases are also elements that I use a lot. We can also use candlesticks, being careful not to get too high. There are some sculptures that can also be used to give that little touch of elegance. The big secret is the composition, always taking care not to overdo it. I always say that in decoration less is more. Choose good objects and good books.

The living room is the noble part of the house where we receive visitors, so it needs to be tidy and beautiful. I really like using murano vases, they give a color and their transparency with the light promotes a beautiful effect. Another thing that gives a lot of life to the decoration is the use of flowers in a vase on the coffee table, remembering the question of height.

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