Crocheted Pansies In Box Frame

A great decoration tip for the home or for personal effects is the crochet flower. There are several designs and colors that you can combine with pillows, rugs, centerpieces, tea towels, pots, bedspreads and towels. Or apply on tiaras, blouses, hairpins, earrings, necklaces, notebooks, diaries, bookmarks and where else your imagination dictates.

To make crochet flowers you need to have at least a basic notion of crochet. In this post we will give you the step by step of a simple and easy to make template.

So prepare your needle and choose the thread colors we are about to start!

Leaf: Crocheted Pansies In Box Frame

Flower: Crochet Flower Petal

We often look at that bland piece and feel that it needs a change. It can be a dish towel, a tablecloth or even a piece of clothing.

Instead of throwing away or buying new things, you can give your pieces a new life by learning how to make this beautiful crochet flower.

But not only for the decoration of pieces, flowers can be used in many different ways and even to make unusual appliques.

Simple and quite useful, crochet flowers can be very useful for decorating pieces of various sizes and shapes. You can make a solitary flower or even curls, the important thing is to unleash creativity.

The interesting thing about this job is that you can take advantage of that remaining thread. It is also a great option to avoid waste!

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