Hello people who love crafts, how are you? Let’s talk about a specific subject about crochet in this matter. Let’s go for a more standard and in this matter we will learn how to make a square crochet flower. You can decorate the environment with the separate square or we can assemble and make a beautiful quilt, cushion, ornament for the kitchen, or even the table paths that leaves your table beautiful. Everything will be possible from your imagination

Nothing prevents you from doing other things you imagine, sometimes we look at something at home that we can cover or decorate, then it comes into our head what we could create, that will bring us joy and will change the environment better, being one cover of some apparatus or a piece to adorn.

You choose what you create and using your imagination, it leaves a more beautiful look and a more colorful and pleasant environment. It all depends only on you, and we are here to get all the doubts and help in your new project.


This Daisy Granny Crochet is the one piece you will want to have inside and over your entire home. The combination of colors will make this piece of crochet the first to use in the decoration. It’s a pattern is adorable and trendy in all time.

Being able to use for various uses, you can use as coasters in any room of your house, or even that you can combine to make a square blanket. Whatever you decide to do with this pattern is sure to be gorgeous, delicate and will catch the attention of crochet lovers!

Let’s leave a tip for you, who are about to create a new work: I think the beautiful white flower model with pink background. My favorite colors, without doubt, are pink and blue, but you can create using your favorite colors as well.

When creating a gift, it would be great to know the color the person prefers or create the color piece. In the case of a carpet, you just have to be careful not to trip over the flowers if you leave them too thick.

In the case of quilt, blanket, to increase the size is only increase the amount of flower squares that will unite, ending assing seeing how beautiful the result will be. The result is incredible and delicate, a perfect work of art in the world of crochet squares.

Here you will learn and everything gets easier with step by step is not it. We hope you have no more doubts and can create the perfect project. To have the download just click on the name that will have the complete pattern. Good work and enjoy the other materials of our website, which was created with much love and affection for you.

You can also use this perfect Pattern that is Granny Square Fashions.  We give weekly tips with Free pattern. I’ll see you there. To know more follow us on Pinterest.

>>Pattern  – Crochet Daisy Granny 

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