Crochet Tilt A Whirl Afghan

Increasingly, the search for the perfect home includes objects made by the owners themselves, for example: book shelves that are creative. These ideas generate unique pieces and the delicious “I made it” feeling to show to all visitors. Check out some really cool shelf tips to further personalize your room and make a beautiful reading corner and the pattern of a beautiful Crochet Tilt A Whirl Afghan. We selected two ways to use books to create shelves and still make the decor more relaxed.

In the first suggestion, you put together a series of books, lined up on the side of them, fasten each other with resistant materials and then fix it to the wall, simple, practical and quick like that. The size of the shelf you regulate with the amount of books grouped.

In the second suggestion, you will need a support and a book. The support can be made of metal or wood, this is up to you. Nowadays, you can easily find these supports to assemble shelves in specialized stores, with different colors and shapes.

Free Pattern Available: Crochet Tilt A Whirl Afghan Pattern    Crochet Tilt A Whirl Afghan Video

The book should be the size you want the base of the creative shelf to be. Just fix the support on the wall and support the book on it, preferably with double-sided tape to avoid displacement. For lovers of asymmetries, we have a great tip that you will love. You will need a stick, pipe or beam, when you want your shelf to have it. Separate a few boxes, enough to reach the desired height. Prefer the boxes with more resistant material.

Think about the shape you want for the bookshelves and use the drill to drill a hole in each of them, in the desired direction, with enough width to pass the beam between them. Doing everything right and measuring correctly everything will go as planned. Necessary material: a box and a frame. Mirror frames or that broken frame that you have touched in your home can be used.

You can also pick up these pieces at antique stores. The box must be made of resistant material and will be attached to the back of the frame, then just hang it up. Do you know those old bags from your grandmother that are kept in the mess room? What about those little handbags from your childhood that are forgotten in the closet? Now they can become the coolest decoration in your home in a few simple and quick steps!

Simply attach them to the wall with a bracket or screws. The choice of the fixing method will depend on the size and weight of the chosen suitcase, so pay attention to this. And, as you can see in the images below, they can also serve as support for other decorative objects, such as pictures for the living room.

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