Chunk It Up! Quilt

Built-in furniture has many advantages and is the dream of many people, and it is no wonder, since it allows you to enjoy difficult corners. However, it also has its drawbacks. One is the inability to easily change the layout of the room. This makes work a little difficult when it comes to changing the decoration of the whole house. Those who have their own property have more freedom, since they can remove or renovate the furniture, but even for those who live on rent, there are solutions for a quick decoration of those who want to transform the face of a built-in furniture in an easy way. In this post you will see 4 tips to help you with this and the pattern of a beautiful Chunk It Up! Quilt.

1. Adhesive vinyl is an ally in fast decorating
There are very affordable options on the market, and adhesive vinyl can be easily removed from formica, mdf, mdp, laminates and glass. There may be some glue residue, but nothing that a little effort and specific products cannot remove, believe me, is easier than it looks.

There is a huge variety of colors and prints, which allows you to choose the ideal one to match your home easily. And the best: without much effort, you can cover the entire furniture, or create compositions with geometric shapes to decorate everything.

Free Pattern Available: Chunk It Up! Quilt

2. Handles are perfect for quick decor
Another simple measure that can make a big difference is to exchange the furniture handles for models that are more to your liking. If you live in rent, just save the originals and return with them to the place before delivering the property, so you leave the environment to your face without causing problems. 3. Invest in pillows to decorate the room. No matter how big the furniture is, no matter how much the person who put it there has exaggerated it, there is always an environment.

Work the remaining walls, the sofa, the bed. Take your style and your tastes to this space around. Whether with colors, textures or objects, any of these will help you a lot. If you like a cozy atmosphere, have you ever thought about a rug? If you like a young atmosphere, how about fun pillows? 4. Don’t let discouragement take over even in a quick decor. This is the most important tip of all!

It is very common for people to give up decorating because what they have at home does not please them. But if instead of facing it as an obstacle, you face it as a challenge, you will find solutions to get around what you dislike, and in the end, you will have a house decorated according to your tastes and very beautiful. After all, the problems were made just to be solved, right?

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