Carpenter Wheel in C2C

The living room niches are great for keeping the environment organized in a functional and pleasant way. Found in the most diverse models, sizes and colors, the different models of niches can certainly help you to increase the decoration of your room, whether it be, dinner or TV and you will still be able to leave the environment in order. So today you can be inspired by our tips and ways to use the wall niche for the living room, making your home even more beautiful and functional and the tutorial of a beautiful Carpenter Wheel in C2C.

The living room wall niche can be used in several ways, it can be a support for decorative objects such as vases, pictures and candles or even to keep a collection like that of books and records more organized, that’s why the niches for living room are so wanted for those who want to change the home decor in a functional and pleasant way yet leaving everything organized.

If your goal when using niches for the room is to invest in a functional environment and not just in the decoration of the space, it is interesting to invest in a niche wall for the room that has different sizes, so you can better accommodate the items that the niches for the room will receive and yet it gives an incredible touch to the environment.

Free Pattern Available: Carpenter Wheel in C2C

Now if your goal when using a wall niche for the room is to invest a lot in decorating the room, the niche models for the room, or even for the office, can follow the same pattern, so that you can bring a very nice symmetry to the space that will leave a special touch in the environment, as well as in the niche wall decoration for one of the projects we saw.

The same rules that apply to the living room can also be applied in decorating with niches for the TV room. You can use the niches for the TV room only as supports for decorative objects to enhance the decoration of the environment, which many do today. Betting on a niche TV panel is also a good idea. On the market it is possible to find niche models for the TV room that are perfect for this space, as they have doors.

And why are these niche models for TV room with door so good for this environment? Because it is possible to store electronics such as video games, blue ray or DVD players inside these niches for the living room and hide those unwanted wires that end up decorating the environment, as well as in the room rack model with niches that we saw in a project, everything was properly hidden and the environment was organized and decorated at the same time.

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