The French door is a door option that can be used both inside the house and outside, and a great advantage of the French door is that it allows more light and air to enter the rooms leaving the house or even establishment more beautiful and pleasant shopping. And if you are thinking of investing in this classic door model for your property, see our post to better understand how the French door works in decoration and learn how to make a wonderful Blue Star Afghan. In case you still don’t know what a French door is we will explain.

When we speak of French door we are talking about that model of door where its structure can be made of wood, iron or aluminum, which offers you a great possibility of choices. This model also has glass panels that can be used on the entire door or even on some pieces of glass and others entirely made with the same material as the door frame.

In addition, the traditional model of the French door is known for having two leaves that open in the center, however, nowadays there are also sliding French door models, widely used by those who want to optimize space in environments and ta , well sought after today.

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As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the French door can be found in several models on the market such as the French sliding door, wooden French door, aluminum French door and so on, the model will depend on your choice. Of course, in order to choose the right model of French door for your environment, it is first necessary to evaluate what is your proposal of decoration for this room, after all, it is very important that the French door harmonizes with the style of the environment.

And that is why now we are going to introduce you to one of the French door models, so that you can already have an idea about which one is most suitable for your space. The most classic model of French door is the wooden French door, and it can be used in practically all environments of the house, as long as it receives the appropriate treatment in case it is external French doors or even for environments with high humidity such as the bathroom or the kitchen.

The French wooden door has a great advantage that it harmonizes easily with different styles of decoration and this because it can be found in different colors, finishes and designs, which gives you a variety of choices, even some older models French wooden doors have shutters that add a special charm to the decorated environment, or even models of French wooden doors that have iron railings that help decorate the glass plates, among others.

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