When designing a small decorated room, we have to take into account what its function is, so that we can use the right furniture to make it more spacious, comfortable and with an easier circulation.

We must pay attention to the size of the furniture, so that nothing is disproportionate and that the spaces are respected. In this post we will see more about it and you can learn how to make a beautiful Beautiful Blouse Poncho

With the needs program decided and the furniture solved, it’s time to think about lighting and decoration, which are very important points. Indirect lighting makes the room very welcoming, serves as effect light, cinema light and with that the decorated room can be used to receive visitors, use the room on a daily basis or watch a movie.

Bet on coatings that bring modernity to the place, without leaving the space too loaded with a lot. The use of the mirror, besides being a wild card in a decoration, they expand the small decorated room and bring lightness to the environment.

Regarding wood, using wood with white is super trendy in decorations today. As wood is an element that is always up-to-date, you can have a decoration for a long time without having to change it with each change of wooden display case.

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A decoration with neutral colors leaves you free to explore colors in details such as cushions, objects, sculpture or a wall as well. As a result, the room, although small, has a modern, current, elegant decor with selected pieces that bring the space to life in an incredible way. This room, due to its reduced size, would not be able to place the home in front of the sofa and under the TV. If this were done, we would have a terrible circulation.

One solution was to place a wooden panel on the wall, interspersed with the mirror panel and furniture under the window, which serves as a support for receiving visitors and storing TV equipment, which also helps you a lot. It is very important to keep in mind that prior to any work, planning and design must be done. In this project, for example, all cables were hidden and interconnected through conduits embedded in the wall.

In one of the projects we saw, a retractable sofa was used, on the side a chaise-style furniture, instead of an armchair, two compact and comfortable chairs. The home furniture was used to extend the wall and to make better use of the space, shelves were used. This is another important item in the small decorated rooms, as they are light and stand out on any wall. This other room had its layout changed for better circulation of the local resident.

The wall, where the TV is located, has been enlarged to create a glass cabinet. The furniture of the home, as it was in a passage to the bedrooms, was dimensioned according to the necessary circulation, in such a way that nothing was tight and its corners beveled, thus decreasing the chances of someone getting hurt in the joinery, which also it helped a lot.

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