If you want to give a special touch to the decoration of your room you should bet on the pallet headboard. That’s because, the pallet headboard brings together in its structure several advantages, among them versatility, sustainability and economy, since in the presence of the right tools it is possible to build your own headboard indoors. So, were you curious? So, if you’re looking for inspirations to make a beautiful pallet headboard for your room, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, you will find some decoration tips, as well as a simple step by step on how to make a beautiful Marnie’s Rectangle Squared Quilt. Check out!

The versatility of the pallet is to fill the eyes and for those who do not know what a pallet is, know that it is a wooden structure widely used by industries in order to stack or move objects from one place to another, such as, for example, the soda. However, after use, many pallets end up being discarded in the trash.

Thus, as a way of reusing this versatile and democratic material, countless decorative pieces were created from its structure, such as the pallet headboards, which started to conquer more and more space in the decoration of the dormitories and came to be highly sought after. .

Free Pattern Available: Marnie’s Rectangle Squared Quilt

Why should I include a pallet headboard in the decoration?
Economy: it is much cheaper to have a pallet headboard than to invest in a traditional store-bought headboard, you will even be surprised; It enhances the style of the bedroom: a pallet headboard in addition to lavishing style and personality, it does not go unnoticed inside the dormitory;

Sustainable: the pallet headboard is the result of the reuse of wooden boards that would previously be thrown in the trash, so, by choosing to have a pallet headboard, you reduce the amount of waste that would be discarded in the environment and still decorate your home; It can be made by you: with the right materials and tools, the pallet headboard can be made by you at home in the best DIY style (Do It Yourself). You can find tutorials on youtube.

The raw double pallet headboard models are usually the most popular. Here the piece does not receive different finishes with paint or varnish, that is, only the piece is sanded to remove splinters and wood fibers, this already helps a lot. The woods that will make up the structure of your headboard can present different colors, bringing an air of relaxation to the bedroom and making it more beautiful. In the decorative design below, the subtlety of the wood tones harmonize perfectly with the clean decor of the room.

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