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  • Baby Bear Poncho

    Baby Bear Poncho

    Good morning guys, hope everybody is fine! How are your plans for today? Do they include lots of crochet practice? Because I have the cutest project for us today. This baby bear crochet poncho is both easy and lovely, a great way to practice your skills and produce a nice piece as a result. If…

  • Delicate Baby Shoes

    Delicate Baby Shoes

    Hey there guys, how are things going? I hope you are doing fine. Today I brought a special suggestion and recipe. These delicate baby shoes are great to advance in your crochet practice, a nice gift and a good opportunity to make some sales. This pattern is a classic, however, it does not mean that…

  • Crochet Doily – Inspirations and Patterns FREE

    Crochet Doily – Inspirations and Patterns FREE

    Another wonderful handcraft to make your home more welcoming! Crochet doily is one of many possibilities that the crochet technique, which only uses threads and needles, provides. If you want to add an extra touch to your dining table or to your kitchen in general, the crochet doily is a great option. In addition to…