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  • Butterfly Embroidery

    Butterfly Embroidery

    Embroidering a butterfly is a fun and relaxing activity that can produce a beautiful end result. Whether you are new to embroidery or already experienced, this step by step guide will guide you through the process of embroidering a butterfly. Necessary materials: embroidery fabricembroidery needleEmbroidery thread in desired colorsScissorsEmbroidery frame (optional) Step 1: Prepare the…

  • Embroidery on Jackets

    Embroidery on Jackets

    Embroidering flowers onto a denim jacket is an easy and fun way to add a personalized touch to your wardrobe. Also, this embroidery technique is a creative way to repurpose an old jacket or renew a piece that is no longer in use. In this article, we’ll show you a simple step-by-step how to embroider…

  • Crochet Summer Skirts

    Crochet Summer Skirts

    Winter has come and it is going and now, so it is time to get ready for summer. Hey guys, how are you going? Hope it is all fine. Well, we were just talking in our last post about how winter is going away. Indeed, we have spring yet to come, this means that until…