Free Quilts: Uncovering Secrets. Hello how are you? Just like you, I am a lover of Quilt art and I look forward to sharing this tutorial with you! I am a big fan of creating these projects and I want to pass this knowledge on to you. When I see these projects ready, I have a huge desire to see my project finalized as well. When I start to create my new project, I separate my material and I can already imagine exactly what I’m going to do with this beautiful fabric. Midnight Stars are full-sized stars combined to make a patchwork, blending colors and developing a good-sized design.

This Midnight Quilt Pattern is one of the most beautiful and simple to do because I can show the result of my still-inactive work from scraps that I finished at the end of last year with the intention of using it in the winter. So almost a year went by and I learned a lot after that first job … After all, I knew nothing about patchwork and sewing … Watching and reading various videos on youtube, I was slowly learning to do, and I was sure to that Patchwork is my biggest passion.

Here on our site, I will leave you with many interesting ideas and ideas, bringing a little about the projects and jobs I did with the help of the courses and all the materials read at home. Every work done has always given me a lot of pride to say that Patchwork is an art and I’m passionate about it.

 On the first day of one of my courses, the teacher explained that in the basic course of Patchwork, she offered us a project to create, composed of 15 blocks, so that the students learned the techniques well.

After that, I went to specialize and discovered that the more you practice, the more professional you become. Over time, everything we think and imagine to create a new project, becomes reality and done by our hands.

I’ll leave a tip on the material that can be purchased for use in creating your Midnight Star Quilt. (It may vary according to the size and colors of your project).2 fabric cake cakes (any color) 2
5/8 Yard Accent Print (Any Color)
5/8 yard black spot on lead (any color)
4 meters stand. Batting fabric, at least 80×80
I will provide the link to the site where I followed the steps to make my star quilt.

In this video, you’ll learn step-by-step and detail the patchwork of stars with a few tips. With one of the biggest channels of Youtube, Craftsy, one of the greatest experts in patchwork.

It has many tips on how to position and use the ruler, cut the fabric, assemble and sew the block in a simple and easy way. You’ll finally discover the secrets to creating perfect stars in this video, which will surely give your flap a special sparkle!

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Pattern Step by Step – Midnight Star Quilt 


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