Hey loves! Good to meet you here. I am very happy to know that you accompany us, learn with us, and make this world a more colorful place. There’s no room for bad energies here, let’s enjoy crocheting another beautiful pattern. The Christmas Hexagon Blanket is an incredible model, very easy to make and that will make your home even more cozy. 

When we think of crocheting, often what comes to mind is the blanket. Much of this is due to the tradition of this technique, passed from generation to generation. Before, it was very common to learn to crochet while waiting for the baby to be born. In recent years this technique has become much more popular. New models are emerging for us to learn more and more.

But keeping with tradition, why not make a beautiful crochet blanket to decorate your living room? We are approaching Christmas and all the decorations refer to this very special day. We can use it in our bedroom, more traditional use of blankets. But it can also be in the living room, making the environment more cozy, comfortable and Christmas. In decorative terms, the crochet sofa blanket is one of the simplest and at the same time interesting products on the market.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Life and Yarns

With it, it is possible to give the sofa a totally different look. It can be a cheap and smart alternative to hide tears and stains that you may have in the fabric, something very common in leather sofas and armchairs. The crochet sofa blanket can have different sizes, but ideally, it occupies the entire surface of the sofa in height and length. It is placed on the arm of the sofa or forming a diamond in the center. 

Creating a contrast with the leaked designs of the crochet sofa blanket with the pieces of the sofa fabric. As the pattern is all made in hexagons, you will see how simple it is to change the size, if necessary. The pattern size, available from Life and Yarns, is approximately 50″ x 84″. Before anything else, read it first and understand what it asks for. Then choose a very beautiful and soft yarn and start crocheting. Ready to create new menories with the Christmas Hexagon Blanket? Come on!

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