Hello my loves! We hope to find you all well. Here we are very excited about these last months of the year. We separated a lot of beautiful things and for today, a beautiful knitting model. After all, another day, another pattern to learn together. My First Christmas already says what it is by name. It’s that perfect outfit for little ones to wear on their first Christmas. A beautiful outfit, all made in knitting, red and white. 

If the family is getting ready to take their Christmas photo, this outfit is perfect. In very Christmas tones, your little one will be comfortable, cozy and warm for the festivities. In addition, it is not a difficult pattern, it is not very time consuming and the result is incredible. Knitting is also a very popular technique, but I find it a little more difficult than crocheting. 

Maybe because they are two needles to coordinate together, but the result is very beautiful. If you still don’t have practice, don’t be afraid. See how the stitches are made, see tutorials for beginners and test a few times. Just like crochet, you can do, undo and redo several times, using the same material. Before starting to learn how to knit, it is very important to know what materials are needed to make the pieces, isn’t it? 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Drops Design

There aren’t many, but they are important to ensure the quality of your work. Knitting needles come in several numbers. Different thread thicknesses call for different needle sizes, but don’t worry: the indication of the ideal needle appears on the thread labels. You can use the tapestry or crochet needle to finish the pieces you make. Yarn is the raw material for any knitting item. My first christmas is an outfit for babies and some extra care should be taken because their skin is more sensitive. 

So choose very soft yarns, without too many details that could scratch the little one. Give preference to anti-aging drugs, they are the most recommended. Use the colors you like the most. It is always good to have a tape measure or ruler with you to measure the size you are knitting. In the pattern, available at Drops Design, you will find different sizes, from 1/3 months to 3/4 years. Measure well before you start so it doesn’t get tight and bother the little ones. Ready to knit? Come on!

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