Baby Crochet Frock is a beautiful dress that will leave your princess simply charming and stylish. It is a wonderful job that will leave everyone in awe. A beautiful model that is worth investing for those who work with crafts and also mommy who likes to make different pieces for her princess that leave her stylish and charming with that touch of love. This piece can be made of various colors that make this piece even more beautiful and stylish.

Choose a color that matches the accessories that the child already has so you can vary the look of your little one always leaving it well dressed and with a huge charm. This type of garment always gives a special and charming touch when dressing the girl, crochet pieces always have a lot of value.

If you want you can decorate with crochet ornaments or if you want to use other types of appliqué you have, use your creativity and decorate as you like this beautiful model with a unique touch. It is always good to remember that it is worth using your creativity to create new pieces such as this dress.

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Baby Crochet Frock

Tutorial/Images/Pattern By: Knit Hand Craft

For 6 months baby
3ply yarn weight acrylic 300g of 6 colours each ball is of 50g…
4.oo mm hook

(Note here… row numbers for colour combination in which row what colour you have to use… take a look

Red (A)   row 1,2,3,4,8.,9,12,16,20

Off white (B) row 5,6,7,10,11,19,27,32.37

Green (C) row 13,15,21,28,31,38,41

mint (D) row 14,22,29,30,39,40

Pink (E) row 17,23,26,33,36

Sky blue (F) row 18,24,25,34,35

Shell edging rows combination
1st off white
2nd red
3rd off white
4th red
5th off white

Chain ch
Stitch st
Slip sl
Skip sk
Space sp
Single crochet sc
Double crochet dc
Repeat rep


The Opinion Of Our Team

This Baby Crochet Frock is stylish and very beautiful and has an incredible design, it is very easy to make and gets ready quickly, believe me, you will love it. The way this beautiful dress will make your princess wonderful will surprise everyone, believe me, the final result of this piece is totally worth it and leaves everyone amazed.

Let’s make this beautiful Baby Crochet Frock? It is very easy to do, just separate your materials and tools so that you can follow the tutorial while carrying out the process, so everything is easier and you do not make mistakes when making the piece, besides everything goes perfect! !

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