Summer to your accessories

Good morning my dear friends and followers. Please, be welcome to our blog today! I hope this post finds you all healthy and well. How have you been these last days? I know, I know, I have gone missing for a while. But I am back, that is what is important, right? 

Sometimes we get caught between all the chores we have daily, we do not even realize how much time we spend on them. My last week was so busy, I barely had time to take a deep breath. And I have some many nice projects and patterns for us to try, I am very excited to bring them to you. 

Summer has arrived and now it is in full swing. How hot is it where you live? Do you enjoy Summer? My favorite thing about Summer is going to the beach or gathering with friends around the pool, with a nice, cold beer and some barbecue happening. I like how the days last longer and we have more sun time to do our things.

Ideas and variations

Today, I have a project for you that is the face of the Summer. These watermelon bags are fun and easy to produce. Besides, they are very useful, having a beach or pool bag is a necessary thing throughout the Summer time. That is why this is a very sellable item, and even if you are a beginner, you can start making some profit.

You will need some washable and resistant yarn. Considering that this piece will be exposed to sand, cloro and other products that will dirt it, choose a yarn that can take some rounds of washing, from time to time. You can convert the original watermelon recipe, to produce a lemon one, as fresh for Summer as the red and green fruit.

Where to find it

Did you get excited like me and you want to give it a try? I sure hope so! Here, at Repeat After Me, you will find a very detailed tutorial video that will guide throughout the process. There is also the lemon variation I commented above, enjoy them! Have a great Wednesday and a beautiful week. 

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