Do you have a lot of leftovers and do not know what to do with them? And, even though they may occupy much space in your rooms, you feel sorry to throw them away? Here’s a superb idea that can help you save money, avoid waste and bright up your rooms. Fragmented blanket is a nice choice and represents the best features that crochet can offer.

Each Fragmented Blanked is going to be unic, once each of them is going to present a different setting of colors. You can group the colors, in shades – pastel or vibrant colors, you can set different shades of one color, you can also work with a gradient of color. If you feel particularly bold you can develop an intense rainbow combination, to bring a little bit of life and give emphasis in a specific part of a room.

It is interesting to have in mind that, if the choice is a rainbow combination, a room previously composed by neutral colors, such as beige, off white and light shades of gray. and natural materials as wood and bamboo would be the ideal, once the colors brought by the blanked would the life of the room, not overlapping and overload the room. If there are many elements and too much information, the blanked could lose itself in the ambiance, and lose the spotlight it deserves.

Because this might be a process that involves you choosing the palettes: it is fun to involve other people from your living routine. Going through the leftover yarns you have storage, exploring the options and the combinations possible is a great way to exercise your creativity and be open to new ideas.

Liked the idea? You can find a detailed step-by-step here at Crochet Inspiration, with a video tutorial and the recipe. 

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