Tunisian Pink Stitch Jacket (Schematic & Video)

Tunisian Pink Stitch Jacket A piece to warm up and complete your look, it can be the main highlight of a production. It can assume different ranks and combinations. Still goes well with dress, pants and skirts without volume, because it is usually wide.

The piece is perfect for mid-season and for hiding the protruding belly. Only avoid it if you have a very rectangular body. This coat is very beautiful and will surely make various combinations with your clothes renewing your look always leaving it very elegant.

A piece that every woman needs to have in her wardrobe for the coldest day. This coat is very beautiful and delicate, and will help you a lot when you need to give that special look.

Practical and very quick to do can be a perfect piece for sales people. The jacket here shared has a very feminine and very current look and that will surely be the difference when composing any winter look.

Use creativity and make the jacket in different shades and colors that match your current clothes. Perfect for the cold afternoon and morning. It will leave the woman well dressed whether accompanying a dress, pants or skirt.

The color shown here is only a suggestion. Make it the color that suits you best and that completes the pieces of your wardrobe. This jacket has a rustic and very current look and it will surely be the difference when composing your winter look.

Following the step by step this craft work gets ready quickly. This beautiful jacket is perfect for many occasions and events, it will add charm to any look you wear.


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