The Treehouse Hexagon Quilt

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The more we sew, be it quilts, clothes, table runners, the more scraps we have left. As much as we try to take advantage of every corner, there’s always something left that goes straight into the patchwork box. And why not put together a new quilt with all this? This is one of the proposals from the treehouse hexagon quilt.

A colorful quilt with lots of prints. You might think it will be confusing at first, but you can see designs on every block. The quilt follows a pattern. It’s like we put flowers all over the quilt and put different colors to separate each one of them, do you also have that impression?

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Red Pepper Quilts

These more abstract quilts allow for different perceptions, which is really cool. With a different combination and placement of colors, a new model can be formed. To make this quilt you will need some patience, I won’t lie. There are several hexagons and they are not big. But all in its time.

I like to make several appointments and cut slowly. Don’t mind taking a little longer, you are not participating in a competition. The important thing is to do it step by step, break it down when necessary and always persist.

Use and abuse pins. They are great allies in those quilts that have smaller cutouts. Only, in the end, ensure that everyone was removed so as not to hurt anyone. Wassup let’s get started? Let’s make the treehouse hexagon quilt. See you soon in a new pattern, bye!

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