The Lattice Quilt Block

Hello artisans and lovers of quilt art. There are no complicated geometric blocks, only square combinations of cold-colored fabrics that will be easy to study right after they are studied. A simple quilt is great for beginners. And neither will it be necessary to use the upper sewing machine or the special foot, everything is done in a simple sewing machine with a straight stitch. This site was created by a good person at heart, hoping to help remove any doubts and problems we may face.

While each specific type of quilt pattern retains its own charm, the trellis patterns bring dimensional depth using an adorable geometric and graphic design that has its own distinct look. Like trellis windows, a trellis lattice pattern exhibits a certain look of the ancient world, maintaining a modern edge.

If you’ve always been charmed with trellis bedspreads, but avoided creating one of your own, then you’re in luck! We’ve put together the best free network quilt patterns we know you’ll love! There are no secrets, I just recommend a lot of attention and patience. Great design for exercising sewing basics.

The first part is choosing the fabrics! For a design like this, from ‘ladder’, you will need 0.5 m of tricoline cotton in 9 different prints, 1.5 m of cotton blanket for filling and 1.5 m of cotton flannel for the verse.

It is cool to invest in good fabrics because it is a piece that will be well used and washed again and again. I recommend washing at least the flannel before using to prevent shrinkage. By following these tips, you will find it much easier to create your new project.

In addition to the fabrics, you will need: Sewing machine, many sewing and sewing pins, iron, ruler, cutting base and circular cutter (or scissors). Design is a key part of the quilt. Not that there are rules, but there are some tips that make the work more harmonic.

A good tip is to use a color chart to choose fabrics. It can be based on cold or warm tones. You can choose the color you like best or, if present, use the colors that the person most likes. Using your imagination, you can create an original piece and be amazed to see it.

In my case, I wanted a quilt where the prints made this ladder effect. I also wanted a very clear bedspread with blue, green, yellow and open oranges. Just citrus tones, pale and cheerful. No dark or earthy tone.

I also used enough white to give the composition lightness, but you can use a combination that you already have in mind. Our tip for making a blanket is very useful, so follow the tutorial instructions by clicking on the link.

We give weekly tips with Free pattern. I’ll see you there. To know more follow us on Pinterest. I found some pattern promotions and finished products. You can find it hereThe Lattice Quilt Block and The Lattice Quilt Block Pattern.

>>The Lattice Quilt Block – Free Step by Step

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