The Disappearing 4 Patch

Hello everyone, welcome to Crafts ideas. Here you will find a world of possibilities. Patterns for those who have crafts as a hobby, therapy, for those who make it a second source of income and for you who are starting now. We hope to be able to serve everyone and ensure that you have a great time here with us.

If you think that quilting is just cutting a few pieces of fabric and putting them together, you are very wrong. There is a lot of technique behind each block. We want to show you The Disappearing 4 Patch, a technique that looks simple and it is, but you need to pay attention. The key tip for everything we’re going to do.

This technique forms these smaller squares that are in the center of each block. No, you don’t need to cut four small squares. Here the cuts are bigger and, in the end, you will have each block ready faster. Just remember to choose colors and prints that match and at the same time differ from each other.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Moda Bakeshop

The differences highlight every detail of the technique, even if the objective is to disappear with the seams and make it look like it was printed anyway. Quality fabrics only value your work, give preference to them. Take those steps before starting that make you feel more comfortable and confident.

I like to wash the fabrics to remove excess dye and know if the fabric will shrink. Once dry, I iron them very well so that they are smooth. This makes it much easier when making the markings and clippings. It’s practically a ritual, that routine that already tells me it’s time to get ready to quilt. Are you also like this, do you have any craze? Share with us here in the comments and let’s learn the disappearing 4 patch.

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