Hello friends and friends how are your jobs … I’m looking forward to the most loving date of the year that is Christmas. I was browsing and seeing the Christmas patterns that exist and I fell in love even more, every detail each work is beautiful and perfect.

There are numerous patterns that do not even choose the most beautiful, each time has a more beautiful and appears new and from it can make others joining different fabrics and other colors. I love that date and love to decorate the house making it more cozy and special family for that date.

Every day I try to learn more patterns and be inside the news and fashion because the world of craftsmanship always updates, never goes out of style. I am always willing to learn and know more about this wonderful handicraft world and also share with you to know more and choose your Christmas decoration.

 In this post we will learn a pattern of patchwork with Christmas reason, as Christmas is coming we will learn new pattern to decorate your home making it more cozy and modern. To learn how to do this beautiful work, continue reading and enjoy.

And let the preparations and decorations begin that the best and most satisfying is that it will be done by your own hands. Joining several mini trees sewing each to form a quilt. It’s so much fun doing jobs with your hands even more knowing that you will be back to your own home. 
Put as many trees as you want, the good thing about the crafts is that we can leave it our way, we can put the trees the way you want. Having a lot of fun in the design of the quilt and coming out a fantastic result with a beautiful designer and having a Christmas quilt.

This quilt finished in 63 “x 74” perfect for hanging or placing in the entrance of the house decoration. Make your own The Christmas Trees Quilt. To make this beautiful pattern here I leave you the link of the free pattern of the tree and after how to assemble your quilt giving that magnificent finish.
I hope you enjoy and make beautiful patterns with your hands, I believe in you and I’m sure your Christmas will be wonderful with this quilt in your decoration.

If you want to know more about other patterns I leave here for you a pattern of Cabin Fever Blues Quilt and also has a beautiful Feathered Star Quilt Pattern. Good work and see you next time.

Free Step by Step Pattern – The Christmas Trees Quilt

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