Hello my crochet friends, how are you this Monday? Rested or wishing for more weekends? I think I need one more Sunday before we start this week, but since it is not possible, here we go with this brand new week. Last week we had a very special project, a petal stitch baby blanket.

Inspired by this delicate idea, I found this flower crochet blanket. This pattern fits perfectly with the Spring we are going through and it helps to bring life into the environment you decide to use it. Maybe it is the final touch you did not know you needed, until now. 

Besides its obvious beauty, the final texture is something to appreciate in this piece. This blanket is a good option to throw over the couch in a living room or to set as a comforter in a bedroom. The colors you choose are the variant that will determine the tone of this piece. If you want comfiness and closeness, you can go for brown and beige shades.

Grab your 4,5mm hook and choose the yarn you want, besides your regular pair of scissors as well. Just because this is not a baby or it is not a clothing item, it does not mean we do not want a smooth and fluffy material that will bring comfort. Also, the yarn needs to be washable, once it is constantly on display.

I know I have been in a blossom period for now, I think it is the end of Spring that got me this way. Did you like this idea? Let me know in the comments. Here, at HanJan Crochet you find a full tutorial and a PDF option, if you want. Good crocheting everybody! Until our next project!

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