Sunstar Blanket

Have you learned the basics of crochet? So it is high time to venture into more elaborate pieces. A good way to start is by making Star Motif Blanket. And that’s what you’ll learn in this post, with a simple step-by-step how to make Star Motif Blanket. There are several models of crochet blankets that can be made and we’ll talk about this one in particular, so you can get inspired by making this piece so beautiful and delicate.

Even because everything will depend on the degree of intermingling between you, the needles and the thread. Crochet blankets can be used in the most diverse environments of the house. The choice of color and size will determine the best place for it, and this choice is made by you, choose the environment and the size and color you like best.

But be aware that crochet blankets are used a lot to decorate the room, the bedroom or any other place you want, as well as to warm you on cold nights with a lot of style and delicacy, what an amazing and multifunctional piece huh?

Free Pattern Available: Star Motif Blanket 1   Star Motif Blanket 2

Come with us then and stay on top of the tutorial we have separated so you can make this beautiful, amazing, delicate, multifunctional and super easy Star Motif Blanket, I’m sure you will love it as much as we do, because this blanket is simply splendid.

How to look for a Star Motif Blanket and not feel welcomed and embraced by the environment? Yeah, this kind of piece has the incredible ability to connect us with our own home, bringing those affective memories that bind us to childhood, the home of parents and grandparents.

But the best part of all this vintage atmosphere is that for a while now Star Motif Blanket has been successful in decorating again, being widely found in inspirational editorials and photos on the Internet, as well as craft stores and websites like Elo 7.

And if you have a little affinity for threads and needles you are already able to create your own Star Motif Blanket, as there are very simple and easy to do tutorials with the complete step by step technique. For those with more dominance, it is worth betting on a large and well-designed Star Motif Blanket model.

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