Many possibilities to bright up your home

Good afternoon my fellow crocheters, how is your Tuesday going? Everything according to plan? I sure hope so! And if it is not everything okay, this beautiful sunflower pattern may cheer you up a little bit. 

I do not know about you, but sunflowers are one of my favorite kinds of flowers ever. I think that maybe it is its bright yellow color. I must confess yellow is, by far, my favorite color ever. I think it brings happiness and a good energy in everything you use yellow in it, don’t you think? Let me know in the comments below what are your favorite colors, I would love to know, and I can even bring ideas more related with your choices.

Since we are talking about sunflowers, we do not have many color options to work it on. Yellow and brown are the palette needed and I suspect that if we go too far from it, we may lose the essence of the sunflower. But this does not limit your creation options, you can crochet a blanket, pillows and even the sunflower itself, so enjoy!

As usual, you will need you favorite hook, a pair of scissors and the chosen yarn in the shades of yellow and brown by you.

At Crochet Websites, you can find a very detailed step-by-step tutorial video that will guide you through the recipe and more ideas on how to use this beautiful pattern in items to bring the Sun into your home. See you guys later my friends!

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