Rise and sunshine my dear crocheters! How are you going today? Today I woke up excited for the day and ready to go into the weekend. I was checking the calendar yesterday and realized Summer is less than a month from now! Can you believe how fast this year is going? 

In this spirit, I decided to go around the internet and search for some Summer patterns, which we have time to practice and will have time to wear. And looking around I found this crochet sweater top. Perfect for Summertime and beautiful to show it around.

With the recipe I got, you can produce sizes from small to extra large, so this might be a nice piece to try selling out and bringing in new customers. You also add details to enhance your creations, ribbons or glittery wools. A nice bet is to go for light, breese, colors that reflect Summer mood.

You will need a 4mm crochet hook, your usual pair of scissors and yarn you have chosen. And, if you are feeling extra, also have in hand those ribbons we talked about.

Get ready for Summer with this pattern, at KnitCroAddict you find a full and very detailed tutorial that will help you produce this breeze item. Have great weekend guys, see you in our next post!

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