Good afternoon my friends from the crafts world. How have you been this week? We are almost finishing it, passing by so fast, right? Do you already have plans for the upcoming weekend? Do you guys usually practice crochet during the week or the weekend? Let me know in the comments, you know I love to share routines with you.

Today, we have a project for you that might be perfect to give it a try during the weekend. As with every baby item, this one is cute and very special. We present to you the Stella Sweater. This is a 100% seamless piece and it is worked from up to down. Besides, this piece is absolutely beautiful.

This is a project for upper intermediate or advanced skills. More than just seamless, in the final result you can see that there are many textures, composed by many stitches. If you have a little more time available on the weekend, this is a great option to give it a try. But if you have less practice, no problem, here you can find many options, there projects that fit your skills.

With this recipe, you can produce pieces from 1 to 10 years old. So if you are thinking of selling, this is a nice piece, with a large public range. It is never too much to remind you that crochet pieces for children need softer, hypoallergenic yarns, avoiding to irritate the skin. 

Did you love this piece as much as we did? I hope so! Here, at Ravelry you can find some more pictures and a tutorial for free. However, if you wish to have more instructions, you can buy the PDF file, if you prefer, also in the same link. Have a great day and see you guys in our next post for more crochet!

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