Shin-yu Infinity Scarf

Hello friends, welcome to our Ideas website that always brings free patterns to you. I bring to you in this article a beautiful pattern of scarf with a detail and curves that leaves you with a wonderful finish. The combination of colors also make your work something truly original and perfect. Crochet is a simple and interesting way of art that leaves the pieces in unique detail, and is great for using in creative pieces such as clothes and scarves to embellish your look.

If you are just a beginner in crochet, a handkerchief may seem a bit beyond your talent, it takes longer than a square of crochet. However, simple scarf can be easy with just a few techniques, which allows beginners to do so. There are no secrets that prevent you from creating a new job, simply practice several and several times that perfection and professional level will be guaranteed. Never give up and persist in your new projects.

This example is easy to adjust and can change the length and width you want, and in my opinion is a great and beautiful gift to give someone. After all, who does not like and win a work of art like that? And another thing, who would not feel happy and fulfilled to see his scarf finished with his hands?


Have you decided the target size for your Shin-yu (true 友 = true friend) Infinity Scarf? Shin-yu Infinity Scarf is designed to be made with the weight of the yarn of your choice in the length of your preference. This means that you will choose your own scarf length. (You can use the length of the “google hood” or “endless scarf” to get some ideas.)

I’ll leave a tip for you: The default will not tell you how many streams to start, but you’ll choose your starting current number in (remembering that they are multiples of 40). In other words, you can choose 120, 160, 200, and so on, with the number of points, up to the length of your linking.

I hope the following information gives you a better idea of ​​how long you may want your infinite scarf and how many stitches you would need to get that length. My advice is to start with the shortest and the smallest. It will be much easier to make it shorter than to make it longer, and will be happy to see your project finalized, albeit smaller.

We will leave below the free step by step for you to use, and some color models with different combinations to awaken the imagination. I hope you enjoy and help make new projects and increase your sales if you make crafts to sell. We hope to have helped, and we want to interact with our readers, and we ask you to contact us through our social networks that are just below. We want to see and share on our pages the works that you have completed. We are waiting for you!

Shin-yu Infinity Scarf

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