Scandinavian Blanket

Good afternoon my dear friends of this crafts community! How are you guys, on this beautiful day? It is great to have you here, this is a space for us to exchange ideas and overcome things that trouble us. The creation processes are not linear, and for that it is important to have a place where we can talk to other people and refresh our ideas, from time to time. 

Another thing we always like to remind you is that, if you do not like the pattern we present to you in this post, no problems with that. Sometimes, we feel like we are looking for a new project, but we are not quite sure what it is. Or even, the one we want very much requires a level of skills above the one we have. 

And that is okay, it is part of the process. It is precisely why it is so nice to have people to share ideas with. Besides, you can browse around our blog for a few minutes and I am sure you will find an idea that fits what you are looking for perfectly. Meanwhile, take a look at today’s project, a beautiful Scandinavian Blanket. 

You can check this mesmerizing pattern here, at Revelry. Also, there are more pictures showing different color combinations, so you can improve your ideas. Have a productive day and blessed week, until our next project, bye-bye!

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