Good afternoon my dearest friends from this craft, how are you doing today? Ready to start a new week. I hope you are full of ideas and energies, I know I am. If the problem is the lack of ideas, then consider the problem solved. This blog is a space to exchange ideas and try new items and projects. 

Having a throw or a blanket in an environment is usually the final touch we are looking for. As for today, we bring you this cozy Row of Houses pattern. It is cute and perfect for an informal room. You can also include it in a children’s bedroom, it may get even better, actually. 

Our project can be made by an intermediate level or an advanced level. It all depends on how many colors you intend to use. The minimum necessary to compose this pattern is two different colors. Because we need contrast so the house figures can show up properly. 

Since this is a piece that can be used as a blanket or throw, pay special attention when choosing the yarn. We want something that is fluffy and smooth. At the same time, the material must be washable, in case some drops something onto the piece. The final result for this recipe is a 39 by 52 inches blanket or throw, depending on how you use it. 

Did you enjoy this idea as much as I did? If so, check the pattern recipe, here at Ravelry. You can also find different palette and color combination suggestions. This way you can have an idea in advance on how the combination you are imagining might be. I am sure you are going to make great use of it. See you in our next post, Bye-bye.

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