Raglan Dress Pattern + Scalloped Stitch in Border

The famous Raglan Dress has been occupying women’s wardrobes for a while, and a piece that has been forgotten for some time has returned in full force to catwalks. And with this tropical climate and high temperatures, a piece can’t fit better. So if you don’t already have this model in your collection, it’s time to put the needles to move around or go after one in some store.
If your crochet hooks were forgotten in one corner, it is time to discontinue items, buy threads and patterns in which previous versions of oversized, long, short pieces with different types of sleeves and notes.

Follow the Tutorial and you will be able to make this amazing piece, with its colors and delicacy, it is an amazing piece, one of the best crochet dresses we have ever seen, so elegant.

Free Pattern Available: Raglan Dress  Stitch  Pattern Available: Scalloped Stitch in Border

If you have been inspired by these photos to start yours but are still having a little trouble, we have separated an amazing tutorial on how to make this wonderful piece with step by step.

Besides seeing every detail of the workmanship, you can still enjoy the ideas with different models, so you can choose your look with exactly everything you like.

If an idea is a spring and summer look, this model is a charm. Same model, the model remains great for warmer seasons as the hollow fabric leaves a cool piece.

In addition, one piece still has the charm of the back neckline and a longer manga leaves the harmonious look and nothing exaggerated.

It’s not just short models that are not successful. As long versions are also a charm, and there are a variety of points and styles that can create a look that goes from day to day formal.

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