Rachel Block

One of the classic and indispensable items in the decoration of the room is the lamp. In addition to being charming and timeless, these luminaires can be extremely functional if used in the ideal way. Available in different models and with different types of lighting, there is a suitable model for each space – we have put together some tips to help you decide which one is ideal for your project. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Rachel Block.

The style of the decoration of the room has a direct influence on the choice of the piece, so keep this in mind. As it is a luminaire to support the main lighting, the style of the piece must be appropriate to the size of the room, the style of the furniture and even the proposal of the room.

If the room has a more sober decoration, the lampshade for the ideal room are those made of metal, acrylic or wood, they will give a very beautiful touch to the environment. If the room is more stripped down, betting on ivory or bamboo wooden lamps may be a good idea.

But if the decor in the room is exotic and colorful, don’t be afraid to dare in it – domes with unusual colors will bring even more personality to your space, believe me.

Several different models can be used in the room according to the layout of the rest of the furniture. There are rope lamps, touch sensitive ones, conventional floor lamps, among others, which are also very good. They are versatile pieces and, therefore, the fundamental recommendation regarding the use of them in bedrooms is when choosing the color of the dome: opt for light and light colored materials.

Thus, it facilitates the passage of light at the time of reading, for example, which is a time when light is most needed. In addition, it provides a more cozy and comfortable indirect lighting for the room. If your environment is all decorated with neutral colors and your idea is to dare when deciding the tone of the decoration objects, opt for a bedroom lamp with bright colors that stand out.

There are several modern models on the market that will give personality to the room, in addition to making it more beautiful. An armchair in the bedroom can be a good situation to install a floor lamp. As they are larger luminaires, it is important that there is enough space to receive this object. They assist in reading and create a cozy corner in the environment.

Free Patterns Available: Rachel Block

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