Pattern Autumn Love Quilt

This post today is especially for everyone who likes quilt, an art made with fabrics. Quilting for those who do not know it yet, is a craft that follows the pattern by sewing fabrics in a fun and practical way. Craft is a great therapy and also very used as a hobby, plus we can sell our jobs and so have an extra income per month or even have your own business and be your main income.

With the handicraft we can distract, do therapy, improve memory and motor coordination among many other benefits provided by crafts, regardless of whether it is crochet, quilt or other modality.

With our own hands we can make beautiful arts, decorations, clothes, blankets, cushions and much more, being for sale, giving gifts to loved ones or even making for yourself and for your home. Do different things and improve your skills.

So let’s not waste any more time and enjoy the new pattern available to all of you from a wonderful quilt. People who sell their work or like this branch of crafts should always seek for knowledge.

Autumn Love Quilt

Today’s wonderful pattern is named Autumn Love Quilt, it is a very complete pattern with various details and designs. It has difficulty level as an intermediary, because of the details but nothing prevents a person with beginner level from starting to make this pattern, it may take a little longer to finish but it is not impossible to do.

This gorgeous gorgeous Autumn Love Sew Alon quilt pattern is made by Lori Holt. She shared her beautiful pattern with step by step how to make each piece, each block and drawing to complete this work of art. This work is one that we feel happy and capable when we finish, fulfilled.


Some tips make all the difference in the whole job and the end result. Before you begin to make the pattern choose good quality fabrics, and wash them before using. Wash, dry and then iron all fabrics without leaving any folds, so it will be easier to sew and assemble the designs.

Sew the individual pieces together, making each piece separate and then putting on the final fabric. Stay tuned with every detail and point, the preference is that I use sewing machine like most, although some people sew the hand. Since it is a great job, it is good to make the machine in the machine that the work becomes more uniform and standard, the sewing becomes more perfect.

Sew the larger and easier drawings first and then draw the smaller drawings in more detail. Another tip that works is to use pins to hold the fabrics where you will sew, this is good to see how the end result will be and also see before sewing what needs changing. 

This quilt is perfect for fall because of its designs and colors, but remembering that you can change the colors of the fabrics according to what you prefer. This pattern is fun and exciting to do, making it a great choice for quilters regardless of level.

Available Pattern

I hope you enjoy and have fun doing, I leave below the PDF Free for all to access and make beautiful pieces. This Quilt measures approximately 74 “x 84”. The first block of the piece is the Hunter star, which is really cool to do, it’s made “square” and at the beginning you’ll already be happy to make this pattern.

There is also an incredible texture in the finish, for those who like textures and drawings this pattern is the perfect one for that. Good work for all.

PDF Free Pattern Autumn Love Quilt


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