Hey sweeties! What a pleasure to have you here with us once again. Every day we come back here with a new pattern. We hope to inspire you, encourage you to continue creating these incredible pieces. How is everything there? Anxious about the end of the year to come? It went by very fast here, but we still have time to make more beautiful models. Modern Table Runner is one of those. Another beautiful pattern, all done in crochet. 

The great differential of this table runner is the crossing of the strips, making this effect so beautiful. The crocheted table runner is an item that allows you to leave the environment cozy and charming for those who receive visitors and for the residents of the residences. The dining table has always been a key point of dining room decor and, consequently, of the entire home. 

The crochet table runner is a kind of decoration object that you can make yourself, just take a crochet table runner model and follow the corresponding step by step. The modern crochet table runner can be in other environments besides the kitchen, such as in the double bedroom, making the environment even more romantic and delicate. It can also be in the living room or in the entrance hall on a sideboard or in the dining room, above a buffet, leaving the atmosphere cozy and receptive. 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Ravelry

When choosing the colors and yarns to make your table runner, just take a different look at the environment to get inspired. You can put artificial flower pots on top or other decorations. From the most romantic and delicate to the most rustic and heavy. You can prefer very thin lines or thicker strings. The colors vary depending on the style of your decor. You can prefer a very colorful table runner that follows a more lively and fun style, or just white following the rustic style. 

Ready to crochet? The modern table runner pattern is available for you on Ravelry. Following the steps, in the end you will have a table runner of approximately 33×150 cm. Measure the furniture you intend to place it on. If you prefer to make any changes to the size, plan ahead. That way you won’t need to undo any rounds. Read it for the first time, separate the materials and let’s crochet!

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