Mesmerizing Crocodile Stitch

Hello my dears, how have you been doing? One more weekend has come and now it is going, did you enjoy it? What did you do? Cleaned the house, relaxed, met family and friends?  All the options? Hope you had time to practice your crochet skills, like me. I also used my weekend to find more new options around the internet and bring them to you.

Starting with this mesmerizing crocodile stitch. Truly, I have no other way to call it. It is just beautiful and, at the same time, it is simply elegant. You can observe, it has the power to bring a comfiness sense into an environment, but also uniqueness. It is possible to create many different items with this stitch, such as the flower you see in the picture below. If you let your imagination work a little bit more, you can come up with sousplats and coasters as well.

For this creation, if you work with the right combination of colors, the final work will be nothing less than mesmerizing. You can combine different shades of one color, creating a monochromatic piece and yet having an impact. Another possibility is to work with a bright color and a dark one, going for a contrastant creation. One more idea from us, is to work with colors that compliment themselves, such as green and blue or yellow plus orange.

For this stitch, it is ideal you have an intermediate practice with crochet. You will need your favorite hook, your best pair of scissors and your chosen wool. You can opt for a colorful wool, with a pattern already tanned in it, to create an effect in your piece.

Guys, hope you create amazing pieces with this stitch. Here at Crafts Loved, even more ideas and a complete video tutorial, to help you with this pattern.

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