The salmon color in the decoration is a mixture of yellow, red and orange, resulting sometimes in a more orange nuance, sometimes in a more pink tint. But regardless of the shade of salmon color you want to use – lighter or darker, more neutral or more vibrant – one thing is for sure: color will always bring those inherent sensory aspects of warm colors, in today’s post we’ll bring you a tutorial on how to use salmon for decoration and a tutorial for a beautiful magical creatures star quilt for you to use in your decoration.
And what does it mean? Well, that means the salmon color will flood the atmosphere of warmth, warmth, tenderness, joy and relaxation wherever it is used. You can tell that the meaning of salmon color is very close to the meaning of pink and orange, right? But where is the best place to use salmon to decorate your home? One of the most common ways is to use salmon color on the room walls.

You can choose to paint a whole wall of the room with color or even go for a geometric work creating different shapes and contours on the wall using the color salmon, amazing isn’t it? This beautiful and delicate color can be used in many ways in your decoration.

Free Pattern Available: Magical Creatures Star Quilt

Another alternative is to use salmon in the decorative and furniture objects of the space, such as sofa, rug, curtain, armchairs, pillows, lamps and so on. Just be careful to use color in a balanced way in the environment, always with visual harmony and without exaggeration, be wise when decorating.

The salmon color can also be used in different places of the house, from the lobby to the double bedroom. But if there is an environment where color stands out is in the living room. Children’s rooms also get the color very well, especially as it is an alternative to the obvious pink, thus slightly changing the pattern.

What colors match the salmon color?
Belonging to a palette similar to the shades of yellow, orange and red, salmon turns out to be an excellent and beautiful company of shades of green, its main complementary color. But it is still possible to combine the salmon with shades of yellow or red – its analogous colors, so beautiful.

For those who prefer a clean decoration and with little chance of making mistakes, the way is to bet on a combination of salmon with light neutral tones, such as white, beige and even gray – if you prefer a more modern proposal. The woody tones are also perfect with the salmon, further revealing the warm and welcoming aura of color. How about starting to use salmon for your decoration?

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