Lovely Rug Pattern

A great option to start your week crochet

Hello my friends, how are you going? Hope you all had a nice weekend. How are your crochet practices? I was checking the blog and it has been a while since we had a rug recipe around here. That is why I brought you today this lovely rug pattern for us to learn.

The first thing that caught my eye about this stitch pattern was how easy it would be to adapt this recipe into other creations, like a pillow or a table rail. It is a beautiful stitch, very elegant, classic and yet, very versatile, being able to be used in different items. So, if you have an intermediate level, this is a nice option for you to practice with multiple creations.

As for the rug, the color palette here is very important. This is a textured rug, with different stitches, so, by itself, it is a piece that draws attention alone. For that, you can go for neutral shades of beige and gray. Maybe, for open, clear and well lit environments, you can take chances with darker browns.

If you already are an intermediate, it will take you around one week to create a 64x50cm rug. You will need your chosen yarn, a pair of scissors and a 4mm hook.   

What did you think about this idea? Hope you have liked it as much as I have. Let me know if you adapt this for other creations. You can find a full tutorial video and more tips, here at Crochet Beja. Have a nice Monday everyone!!

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