How To Do A Beautiful Leaf and Lace Set

The purpose of this post is to teach you how to make this beautiful Leaf and Lace Set. I believe that in the vast majority of Crochet and knitting addicts, there is always someone more skilled in this art of turning different kinds of yarns into a very beautiful and elegant garment, and almost always giving to someone.

 Not necessarily the crochet need to remember an older lady sitting in her chair weaving her crochet work. Crochet is a type of handicraft that is known worldwide, is and has always been present in the home of all families. Learn a little about this in this tutorial that we will teach you.

I’m here on my computer preparing this post because I came across this cute crochet kids coat. For those who know, know that this type of crochet pleases most people who crochet or knit and the work is wonderful.

Follow the Tips on How to Do

I won’t tell you how long it took me to finish this Leaf and Lace Set, as we will leave a Free PDF with all Measurements at the end of the article.

These are the projects that you launch as a challenge when I was literally at home in the care of teenage children, and today she is here as part of my crochet memories and the satisfaction that comes with completing something, which in the end. At first, neither did you believe you could.

Access the Free PDF

I learned the first crochet stitches, around 9 years old, being curious and always wanting to learn. I don’t remember how much you measure the famous little chain strap. That’s how you start learning crochet. Hope you do your piece.

Download Free: OPEN Leaf and Lace Set PDF

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