Ladybug Square

Good afternoon my friends from Crafts Ideas, how are you on this beautiful Monday? Did you enjoy the weekend? By the way, how do you prefer to enjoy your weekend? With family and friends? Or, perhaps, to take time for yourself and take care of you, the way you deserve?  No matter what your choice is on how you spend your weekend, the important thing is to be ready to start a brand week, full of energy and ideas.

Talking about ideas, today we have a cute and special idea. Crochet items usually bring comfort and care into any room we add them to. This project is also fun and light. Ladybugs are a symbol of good luck and are adorable. So, make good use of this pattern and express care through your crafts.

A great thing about this project is that you can use its background as a base for many different images. In the link we selected for you today, you can find other options for this pattern. You can even transform the ladybug itself into an apple. These squares are a great option to make nice and even educational blankets for babies and children.

Since we are talking about ladybugs, there are not many options for colors. Traditionally, we will need red and black, for the details. If you want, you can try different backgrounds to enhance the piece. It is also nice to have buttons to add, giving it a special finishing.

Do you want to give it a try? Go to Repeat After me for a carefully set tutorial. You will find pictures for every step of the process, and as I said before, also find more options, beyond the ladybug. See you guys in our next project, bye-bye!

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