Island Time Blanket – Free Pattern

Hi loves! Ready for our therapy moment? For me that’s what craftsmanship is, a time to relax and exercise the brain at the same time. Activities like this help a lot to activate the memory too. In addition to so many benefits, in the end we also have a beautiful piece. And today, let’s crochet? We separated the Island Time Blanket, a beautiful model. Autumn colors were chosen for this blanket, see how the combination makes everything even more charming. 

Have you noticed the amount of different pieces we can make with the crochet technique? Take a look at the patterns we’ve already shared, there are a lot of ideas. Just prove how versatile this technique is. Often passed down from generation to generation, crochet is a very old technique. It is considered a cheap craft because it doesn’t need many materials.

As with this blanket, you will only need yarn, crochet hook and scissors. Of these, the only one you can’t use again is yarn. The rest lasts for many, many years. The crochet blankets the crochet quilt looks like a grandma’s house and gives a nice feeling of coziness. Crochet is a timeless and classic form of craft. It is true that the crochet blanket is used to make the house more beautiful, but its initial function is to warm up. 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Nautikrall Crochet

However, you can also use the crochet blanket on other furniture, such as chairs, sofas and armchairs, which makes it also present in the living room, TV room and other environments in the house. The crochet blanket adds value to these furniture and can even hide those little defects that we don’t want visitors to see. There are many options to use, so use and abuse your creativity. If you are thinking of having an extra income at the end of the month, blankets are very successful. 

It is also that gift option for a dear person, impossible not to like. Ready, let’s crochet? In Nautikrall Crochet you will find all the tips and step by step you need to be able to crochet this beautiful blanket. Come tell us what you think of Island Time Blanket here in the comments. We are also accepting suggestions. Tell us what you want to learn. Let’s crochet!

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